Author Joe Di Prisco Zooms Into GGP to Discuss The Good Family Fitzgerald

On July 9, 2020, our friend and author Joe Di Prisco joined Professor Ian S. Maloney and Kathleen Caldwell for a discussion about Joe's new novel, THE GOOD FAMILY FITZGERALD.

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The Good Family Fitzgerald is a saga of money and ambition, crime and the Catholic Church, a sprawling, passionate story shaped against a background of social discord.

The Fitzgeralds are buttressed by wealth and privilege, but they are also buffeted by crisis after crisis, many of their own creation. Even so, they live large, in love and in strife, wielding power, combating adversaries and each other. The Good Family Fitzgerald is a saga of money and ambition, crime and the Catholic Church, a sprawling, passionate story shaped against a background of social discord.

Padraic Fitzgerald is the up-from-nothing, aging patriarch whose considerable business interests appear anything but legitimate, but he has bigger problems than law enforcement. A widower, Paddy becomes enmeshed with a young woman who will force him to re-examine his cardinal assumptions. Meanwhile, he has cultivated thorny relationships with his four children, all of whom struggle over the terms of connection with their father. Anthony―oldest son, principled criminal defense attorney, designated prince of the family―and his cherished Francesca are devastated by tragedy. In the aftermath, Frankie comes to play a vital role in Fitzgerald lore. Philip is a charismatic Catholic priest spectacularly torn between his lofty ideals and aspirations and his all-too-human flaws and longings. Matty has wandered aimlessly, but once he finds his purpose, he precipitates turmoil in all quarters. Colleen, the youngest, is a seeker who styles herself the outsider and the conscience of the clan. Her hands are full, as no Fitzgerald is left untested or unscathed, and by the end the whole family, as well as those venturing into their realm, will be stunned into illumination.

Joseph Di Prisco was born in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, where once upon a time the Brooklyn Dodgers ruled the known world. Shortly after he was whisked away at 10 years old on the subway to California (long story; see his memoirs), however, he saw the light and became a San Francisco Giants fan. He has published five novels (Confessions of Brother Eli, Sun City, All for Now, The Alzhammer, Sibella & Sibella and his latest The Good Family Fitzgerald), three books of poetry (Wit’s End, Poems in Which, and Sightlines from the Cheap Seats), two books on childhood and adolescence co-written with psychologist and educator Michael Riera (Field Guide to the American Teenager and Right from Wrong), and two memoirs (Subway to California and The Pope of Brooklyn). Di Prisco is the founding chair of The Simpson Literary Project, which promotes literacy and literature, writers and writing across the generations. He also is series editor of the annual anthology: Simpsonistas: Tales from the Simpson Literary Project.
Di Prisco's book reviews, essays, and poems have appeared in numerous journals and newspapers, and his poetry has been awarded prizes from Poetry Northwest, Bear Star Press, and Bread Loaf.   


Ian S. Maloney is Professor of English at St Francis College in Brooklyn, NY where he directs the SFC Literary Prize. Ian serves on the Literary Council for the Brooklyn Book Festival as well as the board for the Walt Whitman Initiative. He recently completed his first novel.  

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