I'm Just Happy to Be Here: A Memoir of Renegade Mothering (Hardcover)

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From the creator of the blog "Renegade Mothering," Janelle Hanchett's forthright, wickedly funny, and ultimately empowering memoir chronicling her tumultuous journey from young motherhood to abysmal addiction and a recovery she never imagined possible.

At 21, Janelle Hanchett embraced motherhood with the reckless self-confidence of those who have no idea what they're getting into. Having known her child's father for only three months, she found herself rather suddenly getting to know a newborn, husband, and wholly transformed identity. She was in love, but she was bored, directionless, and seeking too much relief in too much wine.

Over time, as she searched for home in suburbia and settled life, a precarious drinking habit turned into treacherous dependence, until life became car seats and splitting hangovers, cubicles and multi-day drug binges--and finally, an inconceivable separation from her children. For ten years, Hanchett grappled with the relentless progression of addiction, bouncing from rehabs to therapists to the occasional hippie cleansing ritual on her quest for sobriety, before finding it in a way she never expected.

This is a story we rarely hear--of the addict mother not redeemed by her children; who longs for normalcy but cannot maintain it; and who, having traveled to the bottom of addiction, all the way to "society's hated mother," makes it back, only to discover she will always remain an outsider.

Like her irreverent, hilarious, and unflinchingly honest blog, "Renegade Mothering," Hanchett's memoir speaks with warmth and wit to those who feel like outsiders in parenthood and life--calling out the rhetoric surrounding "the sanctity of motherhood" as tired and empty, boldly recounting instead how one grows to accept an imperfect self within an imperfect life--thinking, with great and final relief, "Well, I'll be damned, I'm just happy to be here."

About the Author

Janelle Hanchett created the website "Renegade Mothering" in 2011 because she needed to know if the rest of the mothering world was crazy or she was. Writing after her kids went to bed and while she was supposed to be working, Janelle attracted an audience of hundreds of thousands of readers. She holds a BA in English from University of California at Davis and an MA in English literature from Sacramento State. She lives in northern California with her four children and husband, Mac, who thinks "getting dressed up" means shaving his forearm tattoo.

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"Far from your cookie-cutter story of addiction and recovery, I'm Just Happy to Be Here: A Memoir of Renegade Mothering describes Hanchett's journey to recovery and sobriety in imperfect and unconventional ways."—Bustle

"By turns painful and funny, [I'm Just Happy to Be Here] explores the
pressures of modern motherhood while chronicling one woman's journey
toward acceptance of her own limitations and imperfections. A searingly
candid memoir."—Kirkus Reviews

"[Hanchett's] memoir is a refreshingly raw, contrasting perspective on the
foolproof idea of motherhood. She proves that the right support system
can pull you out of even the darkest places."—POPSUGAR

"Janelle Hanchett...counters the popular idea that children
are the solution to all of life's problems and that motherhood is
picture-perfect all the time.... Candid [and] self-deprecating."—Brit + Co

"Janelle Hanchett
presents motherhood as we seldom see it: with irreverent humor, brazen honesty,
deep love and loss. Her story is about finding peace right in the mess of
motherhood, and that's what makes it wonderful."—Jill Smokler, New York Times bestselling author of Confessions of a Scary Mommy

"Fiercely talented
word-warrior Janelle Hanchett grabs your guts with her frank,
brutally funny, and moving memoir of modern motherhood and addiction.
You won't want to let go of this book."—Ann Imig, editor of Listen to Your Mother: What She Said Then, What We're Saying Now

"Relatable to any outside-the-box parent."—BUST

"Whilst we are all
fighting some sort of inner battle, few of us have the honesty, humor, and
heart to describe our struggle like Janelle Hanchett. Her memoir, I'm Just Happy to Be Here, is not just for
those touched by addiction, but for anyone who has ever felt like an
outsider, which is everyone. I could not put this book down."—Firoozeh Dumas, New York Times bestselling author of Funny in Farsi and Laughing Without an Accent

"Hanchett offers a startling account of her struggles
with alcohol and drug addiction in this raw and riveting memoir.... Readers will
cheer Hanchett toward her triumphant recovery."—Publishers Weekly

heartbreaking, and enlightening, Hanchett's memoir will resonate with parents
and nonparents alike."—Booklist

"An inspiring message about recovery that resonates through its emphasis on the imperfect progress of life."—Library Journal
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