Mystica: Book 3 (Paperback)

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Mystica is in danger.

Dark magic has spread poison, threatening the island at its very core.

Sides have been chosen, and sacrifices will be made.

In the end, destiny always gets its way.

Adelle and her friends are about to face their greatest challenge yet. They must travel across Mystica to rally their allies for the war is almost upon them. It is time for the people and creatures of Mystica to unite and face their true enemy. Sacrifices will be made, and strength and resilience will be tested. Victory will rest on the shoulders of Adelle as she confronts her rival for the power and throne of Mystica.

Adelle will be challenged in the toughest way possible. To succeed she must draw on her inner strength and self-belief. Ultimately, only one can rule Mystica and wield its power. The strong endure the challenge so they may thrive.

In the end, destiny always gets its way.

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ISBN: 9780645108774
ISBN-10: 0645108774
Publisher: Danielle Hughes
Publication Date: December 16th, 2022
Pages: 246
Language: English