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"Remember this wherever you go," he said to me. "You are no one special to me. You are simply another enemy of Captain Caspian Rogers...Should our paths cross in the future, allow me to offer you this single piece of advice. Run."

Elizabeth Burrough had no way of knowing what awaited her when she was sucked into her favorite book, set in a fictional 18th century England among fearsome pirates and even more fearsome nobility. Not the danger that awaited her around every corner, or the allies she'd find in Lydia and Stone, or the harsh but caring Captain Carter McLeod with eyes that seemed to see into her very soul. Strangely, in this impossible world, Elizabeth felt like she finally belonged for the first time in six years. And despite someone else from the 21st century appearing in the novel, Elizabeth wasn't so sure she ever wanted to go back home.

Except the Carter she's come to care for seems to have disappeared behind an obsession for vengeance against Hugh Lawrence, and that vengeance warps him into the monster he'd warned Elizabeth he'd always been. Despite her feelings for him, she's not sure she can pull him back before he's lost to the bloodlust forever. And to make matters worse, Elizabeth is plagued by strange visions of Lady Gallagher's life that somehow feel like her own memories, making it difficult to tell reality from fiction.

Stuck in a cat and mouse game where any moment she could be predator or prey, Elizabeth must help Carter and the others find Hugh before he hurts anyone else. And as the stakes of the hunt rise, Elizabeth's very life-and the lives of everyone she cares about-could be in danger.

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ISBN: 9781088098363
ISBN-10: 1088098363
Large Print: Yes
Publisher: Ashley Tropea
Publication Date: December 5th, 2022
Pages: 358
Language: English