The Great Divide (Paperback)

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They did not make the rules, they only fell in love despite them. Seventeen-year-old Chrissie is accepted at The Christian Academy, an exclusive private school. Her father goes through a great deal of trouble to secure a scholarship here for Chrissie, and in the privacy of his own home he sighs with relief because now his daughter no longer has to go to school with so many black kids. She auditions as backup singer for Lastique, a school band, and the lead singer is an eighteen-year-old, black boy, named Vincent. "The best part of the book is the young lovers' trying to convince each other why their union would destroy their fathers. The novel covers an important topic." -ABNA Publisher Weekly Reviewer 2011

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ISBN: 9781393063407
ISBN-10: 1393063403
Publisher: Fiction for the Soul
Publication Date: July 3rd, 2020
Pages: 324
Language: English