The Christmas Pig A Story of Real Christmas (Paperback)

The Christmas Pig A Story of Real Christmas By G. T. Blackburn, Temperance B. Parker (With), Lois Babb (Illustrator) Cover Image
By G. T. Blackburn, Temperance B. Parker (With), Lois Babb (Illustrator)
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When Della, a homesick cow from Delaware, complains to Grace Pig about not having snow for Christmas at her new home in North Carolina, she finds out what Real Christmas is all about and in the process, she and her new barnyard friends have the adventure of a lifetime. Along the way, the farm animals encounter a blues-singing Mule; a couple named Mary and Joseph who are about to have a baby in an old shed near the barn; Gnarly Possum, the leader of the Dismal Swamp Gang; and Grace Pig's wise old mentor and friend, A. Owl. These and other memorable animal characters are wonderfully brought to life in 23 full-color paintings by Lois Virginia Babb in the pages of this classic illustrated family Christmas book that is destined to be read aloud in countless homes each Christmas Season. As J. I. Packer writes in his FOREWORD, The Christmas Pig "is a fable for all children whose imaginations let them enjoy talking animals, and for all grown-ups who have not grown too stuffy to do the same....The story is great fun, it's gorgeously illustrated, and the after taste it leaves is as sweet as it is serious; for the new story beams light on an old story which has been described as the best story that was ever heard, and indeed, the only real story that has ever been." In telling the story of the first Christmas -- and what happens afterwards -- this unusual Christmas book both entertains and informs. The Christmas Pig is not just a children's book, as Dr. Packer has pointed out. It is an illustrated Christian animal story for children and adults of all ages, from nine years old to ninety. With its cast of unforgettable animal characters, it is especially suited for parents and grandparents who enjoy reading a Christmas story to children at holiday gatherings. The Christmas Pig: A Story of Real Christmas is Christian fiction that can be enjoyed by all readers during the Christmas Season, making it an ideal gift to be treasured by family and friends alike.
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ISBN: 9781498436687
ISBN-10: 1498436684
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: May 22nd, 2015
Pages: 98
Language: English