The King's Mindset: Twenty Mindsets to Transform Ordinary Men into Kings (Paperback)

The King's Mindset: Twenty Mindsets to Transform Ordinary Men into Kings By Min Liu Cover Image
By Min Liu
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"I am, indeed, a king, because I know how to rule myself." -Pietro Aretino

Do you ever feel like you are capable of so much more in life, career, and relationships, but have done nothing or very little about it?

Do you detest mediocrity and fear that at the end of your life, you will have not done everything in life that you were capable of?

Do you feel that a better life awaits you, if only you had a ROADMAP?

Don't believe anybody who tells you there is a way to "hack" life or that you can achieve success in life in "four hours a week". There are NO shortcuts in life, but THE KING'S MINDSET is a ROADMAP to success for every ambitious and hungry badass.

THE KING'S MINDSET will teach you how to reprogram your mindsets for ultimate success, mindsets which very few men possess these days. Very few men possess these mindsets because most men around them are struggling with mediocrity as well. Most men have grown up without proper mentorship and guidance.

The problem with modern society is that it is virtually impossible for most men to find a positive, masculine role model or mentor. Exposure to amazing and inspiring people is often the tipping point for somebody mired in mediocrity towards greater success.


THE KING'S MINDSET is a treasure trove of PROVEN mindsets derived from great historical KINGS and WORLD LEADERS who have reached the pinnacle of power, respect, and success at many different points in history.

In the book, you will find quotes and stories straight from the mouths (or pens) of these great world leaders illustrating the essential mindsets they utilized in building their "beautiful kingdoms". As you will see, the road to becoming a "king" starts with ruling YOURSELF.

Some of the historical kings whose mindsets and best thinkings are represented in THE KING'S MINDSET are: Frederick the Great, Chandragupta Maurya, Alexander the Great, Marcus Aurelius, and many others. What better mentors could a man ask for and have?

By internalizing THE KING'S MINDSET, a collection of TWENTY ESSENTIAL MINDSETS for men who wish to be much more than mediocre, you will learn how to avoid procrastination and take massive action, reduce fear and self-doubt, and build the self-confidence of a king.

By doing so, you will have unlimited potential to make more money, have more friends and better relationships with women, gain the respect of others, and live a life that you have envisioned and designed for yourself.

In this book, you will learn the twenty kingly mindsets and how to internalize them. A special bonus is also included wherein you will learn how to develop a compelling mission and vision for your life, and then how to IGNITE that mission and vision into a BURNING AMBITION that will fuel your life and guide your journey.

By the end of THE KING'S MINDSET, you will be fully equipped to take what the author calls "The King's Journey", the journey towards making you and your life a "beautiful kingdom". Most importantly, you will live your life as a modern day "king", the man you were born to be, a man who lives life ON HIS OWN TERMS.

What are you waiting for? A king is a MAN OF ACTION and never delays in seizing opportunities that come his way. Answer the call of the "The King's Journey" today

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