Minotaur: A Mechanical Myth (Paperback)

Minotaur: A Mechanical Myth By Alex T. Singer Cover Image
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A futuristic retelling of Icarus, Theseus, and the Minotaur in a city run by artificial gods

As daughter of the royal architect, Ikki set out to discover a new world the day she flew her homemade bi-plane up beyond Crete's artificial sun. Instead, she crashed her plane and found herself on trial for a crime she didn't commit. She is exiled to the Labyrinth--the city's ever-shifting mechanical core--and she has seven days to find her way back out. If Ikki can escape in time, she will be declared innocent by the gods of Crete. But no one has ever returned.

Lost among the moving walls and pursued by a diabolical engine large enough to shake the floors, she soon realizes there is a reason that no one has escaped the labyrinth. Determined to clear her name, Ikki's only hope for salvation lies in the very thing that is hunting her: a fearsome beast known only as the Minotaur.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781614756187
ISBN-10: 161475618X
Publisher: Wordfire Press
Publication Date: March 2nd, 2018
Pages: 256
Language: English