A Fae is Done (Paperback)

A Fae is Done By Danielle M. Orsino Cover Image
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Prophecies, broken hearts, secrets, and scars. Bodies delivered on the wings of butterflies.

After Queen Aurora's execution, the Court of Light falls into political unrest. The riots continue as new Queen Sekhmet takes her place on the throne and puts her long-planned agenda into action. Meanwhile, King Jarvok attempts to remedy his heartache but ends up divulging suspicions he has held close for centuries instead.

Alliances shift as dark mysteries bubble to the surface, but a prophecy reading brings a ray of hope. Unfortunately for others, it foretells certain doom. The Oracles speak of a future child who will unite the Fae courts and bring karmic retribution. Unlikely heroes will be forced together by fate, while unexpected enemies are revealed.

There are Fae in both courts who have plenty to hide. Some would kill to keep their secrets. Some are willing to die for them.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781644506592
ISBN-10: 1644506599
Publisher: 4 Horsemen Publications
Publication Date: September 23rd, 2022
Pages: 216
Language: English