Hello Anxiety, My Old Friend: Harness Your Invisible Superpower (Hardcover)

Hello Anxiety, My Old Friend: Harness Your Invisible Superpower By Natalie Kohlhaas Cover Image
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Winner of the 2023 Book Fest Awards, Health & Wellness - Psychology Division.

Natalie is so pleased Hello Anxiety My Old Friend, has been bestowed this honor. Inspiring others to find their path toward their better self while offering guidance and options for understanding anxiety, is an important aspect of the journey this book encompasses.

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Natalie Kohlhaas knows anxiety. Not only has she experienced it her whole life but she is also a licensed therapist and counselor, working with clients who struggle with anxiety, depression, and more. Surviving cancer, cardiac arrest, and an embolism, Kohlhaas has learned that anxiety is so misunderstood, yet so faithful. In fact, it is Fear that is the real culprit that holds us back from the amazing things that life can offer. Intermingled with stories of her eight miracles, as well as her professional research on anxiety and fear, Hello Anxiety, My Old Friend delves into how you can embrace your anxiety as your guide rather than your enemy. As you read, you will learn to harness your ability within to keep reaching for new adventures, to open up to vulnerability and growth, and to experience the miraculous life anxiety can help you work toward.

Most importantly, Hello Anxiety, My Old Friend teaches that, no matter what, you are not alone.

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ISBN: 9781665305402
ISBN-10: 1665305401
Publisher: Booklogix
Publication Date: February 3rd, 2023
Pages: 270
Language: English