Living Well: A Guide to Cognitive Behavioral Skills Exercises (Paperback)

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This guide to cognitive behavioral skills developed out of the most commonly used concepts and exercises from Dr. Mottern's group and individual practices. They are presented here as a handbook for home study, to supplement in-office visits, and act as a teaching aid to the skills themselves. This handbook may also act as a resource for other practitioners who are looking for ideas to use in their own practices. It contains conceptual information on Choice Theory/Reality Therapy (CT/RT) as well as a multitude of CBT skills exercises that can be used in group or prescribed for individual practice within a cognitive behavioral framework, including: Diaphragmatic breathing; self-guided visualization exercises; progressive muscle relaxation; relaxation response exercise; mindfulness meditation exercises; EFT tapping exercise; cognitive restructuring exercises; exercises to identify thinking errors and corrections; ANTS and NUTS exercise; problem solving models, including the WBEP model and the SAMICC action plan; the Rule of Six, an American Indian problem solving model; the qigong exercise, 8 Pieces of Brocade; social skills exercises, including arousal control, active listening, knowing my feelings, dealing with anger, empathy, how to say "no," the 4 step, assertiveness; self-hypnosis skills, a variety of self-hypnosis scripts including, pain management, anxiety control, releasing attachment to a relationship, protective orange bubble, and how to create your own self-hypnosis experience; a section on the importance of nutrition as a part of Total Behavior interventions and nutritional supplements that have been shown to positively impact mental health; and exercises to help find purpose and meaning in life, including ikigai exercise and exercises to find peak human experiences with flow.
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Publication Date: October 10th, 2019
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