A Tangle of Dreams (Paperback)

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"Ollie, do you believe in magic?"

Gemma and Oliver have been best friends their entire lives. But no matter how well Ollie thinks he knows Gemma, there's one secret standing between them, one secret she swore she'd never tell: magic is real. And she's waited her whole life to have it.

On their seventeenth birthday, Gemma and her twin brother, Milo, will be Claimed by one of the three branches of magic. Only then will they have access to the power they've always seen but been unable to touch.

Gemma's counting down the days until she becomes one of the Claimed, but she's torn between wanting her magic and wanting to keep Ollie in her life. This goodbye feels impossible, especially with the way Ollie looks at her when he thinks nobody's watching.

On the night of the Claiming, Gemma is taken over by a strange power that no one understands, leaving her reeling in the aftermath. That night, Ollie's caught up in a world he never knew existed as he finally learns the truth behind the lies.

Gemma and Ollie discover a magic made from buried secrets and a history long forgotten. Together, they must unravel the mystery that surrounds them and their families before fate claims them for its own.

Does Ollie believe in magic? He's about to.

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ISBN: 9781737088202
ISBN-10: 1737088207
Publisher: Validation Press LLC
Publication Date: June 30th, 2021
Pages: 338
Language: English