How We Love: Notes on a life (Paperback)

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A deeply personal exploration of love in all its forms from a feminist icon and author of Fight Like a Girl and Boys Will Be Boys.

There is love in this place, just like there is love everywhere we care to look for it. There is beauty and there is hope and there is a boy and there is a mother and there is the past and there is the future but most importantly there is the now, and everything that exists between them that has got them from one moment to the next. The now is where we find the golden glow where, for the briefest of moments, the sky rips open and we see what it is we are made of.
Tell me a story, he asked me.
And so I began.

Clementine Ford is a person who has loved deeply, strangely and with curiosity. She is fascinated by love and how it makes its home in our hearts and believes that the way we continue to surrender ourselves to love is an act of great faith and bravery.

This tender and lyrical memoir explores love in its many forms, through Clementine's own experiences. With clear eyes and an open heart, she writes about losing her adored mother far too young, about the pain and confusion of first love - both platonic and romantic - and the joy and heartache of adult love. She writes movingly about the transcendent and transformative journey to motherhood and the similarly monumental path to self-love. 'We love as children, as friends, as parents and, yes, sometimes as sexual beings, and none of it is more important than the other because all of it shows us who we are.'

How We Love is heartfelt, funny, confessional, revelatory, compassionate - and essential reading. It shows us to ourselves in moments of unwavering truth and undeniable joy.

'Such gorgeous and powerful storytelling your heart will feel tender, shattered, and whole-all at once.' -Michelle Andrews and Zara McDonald, Shameless podcast

'Clementine Ford is a phenomenon, unmatched in her fearlessness. Every time I read her work, it feels like I'm putting on armour.' -Benjamin Law, author, Gaysia: Adventures in the Queer East

About the Author

Clementine Ford is a writer, broadcaster and feminist community builder living in Naarm/Melbourne. She is the author of the feminist manifestos Fight Like A Girl and Boys Will Be Boys. In 2017, she won the Matt Richell Award for Best New Writer of the Year at the ABIAs.

Praise For…

"An inspiring, unapologetic, feminist manifesto that highlights with great clarity and dispassion the global socio-economic disparities that continue to exist between men and women and suggests how we can set about changing the patriarchal status quo in order to build a fairer, more egalitarian society in which women can also flourish. It’s time to change the way we all think about gender. And by doing so, create a brighter future for all humans." —Shirley Manson from Garbage on Fight Like a Girl

"There’s a wonderful book by Clementine Ford that I advise every woman, and especially young women, to read called Fight Like a Girl." ― Kate Beckinsale on Fight Like a Girl

‘Clementine Ford was put on this earth to give courage to the young girl inside all of us. This is an exciting, essential book from Australia’s most fearless feminist writer.’ ―Laurie Penny, author of Unspeakable Thingson Fight Like a Girl

‘An intimate, though universal, call to arms... Ford’s book is a galvanizing tour de force, begging women to never give up on the most radical act of all: loving themselves wholly and completely in a world that doesn’t love them back.’ ― Booklist on Fight Like a Girl

‘With just the right balance of sarcasm and straightforward, informational content, writer and broadcaster Ford’s first book is one people need to read in the wake of the MeToo movement… Ford’s quick, provocative read will appeal to anyone who desires a better understanding of the complex, intersectional issues so often lumped into phrases such as rape culture.’ ― Library Journal starred review on Fight Like a Girl

‘Fuelled by Ford’s clear-eyed defiance and refusal to compromise, and by her powerful combination of personal testimony and political polemic. In the vein of Caitlin Moran’sHow to be a Woman or Roxane Gay’s Bad Feminist.’ ― Books + Publishingon Fight Like a Girl
‘A timely cultural critic... Ford is intelligent, thoughtful, well-researched, and witty, but most importantly, she is hopeful for a future of justice and equality.’ ―Booklist, starred review on Boys Will Be Boys

‘Ford follows up her powerful book Fight Like a Girl with a much-needed, unapologetic study of toxic masculinity that relentlessly excavates how complicit we all are in the creation, reinforcement, and perpetuation of a "boys will be boys" mind-set.’ ― Library Journal, starred review on Boys Will Be Boys

‘Ford's book, which draws on current events in Australia, the UK and the US as well as her own life as a wife and mother of a son, launches yet another furious and necessary salvo at the gender status quo while offering a blueprint for a more enlightened world. A witty polemic with significant contemporary value.’ ―Kirkus Reviews

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