The Matilda Man (Paperback)

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Dobson's worldly possessions were ac couple of dirty dishwater shirts, a pair of frayed trousers, eating utensil; bent forks and a bone handled knife for eating, a blackened 'billy' for boiling water, a set of Boer war medals; not that Dobson ever went to war, and a battered felt hat that he wore to cover what was left of his grey hair. All this he carried in his swag; a long strip of calico wrapped up like a Christmas plum pudding that dangled at the end of a twisted gum tree branch.

The Matilda Man is a story full of twists, turns and intrigue, capturing the starkness and mateship of the early days of the Australian outback. This is an intricate web of cunning, survival and betrayal in the harsh and unforgiving western landscape.

A unique and masterful novel that will have you reaching for the next page...

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ISBN: 9781922784643
ISBN-10: 1922784648
Publisher: Clark & MacKay
Publication Date: July 1st, 2023
Pages: 206
Language: English