The Alzhammer: Or Keep Your Friends Close And... I Forget the Other Thing (Paperback)

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Mikey is history. He's got what he calls the Alzhammer. A once-powerful mob boss, he is seriously slipping--losing control of his crew and of his mind. His business is sideways, his rivals are coming for him, he's crazy forgetful, and it is a fact his parents suffered miserably with Alzheimer's. He refuses to ride diapered and drooling into the sunset. He is going to whack himself. Problem is, others are trying to whack him and rip off what's left of the family's business, which is different and which pisses him off--when he remembers.

Meanwhile, his ex, Zayana, slips back into his life. She's been on the lam. Long ago, she hooked up with a rich, ruthless, and very married Senator who's concerned she might go public during election season, and he's prepared to do whatever it takes to eliminate her and save his image. Mikey decides to do the right thing for a change. They will hole up in the perfect hideaway--a shady, unlicensed nursing home near Vegas--until after the vote. Mikey's feelings for Z resurface, but even so, he figures once she and her son, who might be his, are safe, he will finally kill himself in peace. Until then, he must confront his would-be killers, the Senator, and the lunatic who cracks the whip at the three-ring-circus home called Over the Rainbow.

About the Author

Joseph Di Prisco is the author of the memoir Subway to California and three previous novels, including the notable All For Now. His third book of poems is Sightlines from the Cheap Seats, and his poetry has won several prizes. His poems, essays, and book reviews have appeared in many journals, newspapers, magazines, and anthologies. He is also the coauthor of two highly regarded works on family and child development. Born in Brooklyn, he lives in Northern California with his wife, photographer Patti James. For more information, visit
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ISBN: 9781942600435
ISBN-10: 1942600437
Publisher: Rare Bird Books, a Vireo Book
Publication Date: March 15th, 2016
Pages: 316
Language: English