Jonas and the Mountain: A Metaphysical Love Story (Paperback)

Jonas and the Mountain: A Metaphysical Love Story By Janis Harper Cover Image
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We are always seeking ourselves.

An eastern mystic, a western psychic, and a broken man who falls in love with them both at a holy, magnetic mountain. More than an unusual love story, Jonas and the Mountain is a quest for the deepest truth, an excursion into the nature of reality.

Jonas has been living a half-life since he lost his marriage, his college teaching position, and his best friend all at once. In his darkest moment, he hears a voice in his head, and strange poems start to come to him. Curious and open to exploration, he joins a friend who is traveling to Mt. Arunachala in South India. There Jonas meets the guru D, who shows him a direct path to enlightenment, and Anamika, an oddly familiar woman who explains the voice and poems and reveals yet another reality of multiple dimensions and partner selves. Jonas seeks to reconcile D's and Anamika's philosophies to find what is true with a capital "T," as he struggles to resolve the pain in his past and the surprising ways it appears in his present.

This is a journey into the heart of it all.

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ISBN: 9781945026805
ISBN-10: 1945026804
Publisher: Sacred Stories Publishing
Publication Date: October 20th, 2021
Pages: 240
Language: English