Kid's Stories: A Collection of Great Minecraft Short Stories for Children (Unofficial) (Hardcover)

Kid's Stories: A Collection of Great Minecraft Short Stories for Children (Unofficial) Cover Image
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This collection of AWESOME Minecraft Short stories is a must have for young children who love Minecraft. It contains fun short stories along with nice pictures as well as short "mini-chapters" to make it easier to read
Inside you will find many fun short stories. Some of them are:

The Bold Thief
RolyPoly is very proud of the fortress he had built far away in a lonely spot. He's glad that there's finally a great place to keep his treasures safe from others Alas, a bold thief has already started taking his diamonds, emeralds and other things. How is RolyPoly going to deal with the thief? Is it going to take brawn or brain to win? Read the story to find out

Taming the Bully
How do you deal with a bully and a prankster? Report to the teacher? Rory and Fred have a better plan They are confident that they can teach Jacob a lesson, an interesting one, in Minecraft How do they manage to do that? Does Jacob turn into a new leaf? Read the story to find out how the prankster learns that he's not the only one who knows pranks.

Skeleton War
When a diamond mine was taken over by a group of skeletons, the players and villagers try everything to defeat them. But they were no ordinary skeletons They were quick, mean and dangerous - swords and arrows were useless. Finally, the wise priest Ren suggests a way out. Does it work? Do they finally get to enter the diamond mine? Read to find out what happens in this exciting thriller.

Zombie Island
TMiner finds an island full of zombies and thinks he's lucky to be made the king of the island. But there are evil plans to turn him into a zombie TMiner has to act really smart to escape from them. Does he manage to leave the Zombie Island? Read to find out

A Greedy Miner
A greedy miner finds a route to a hidden treasure and sets out all alone to look for it. Do you think he will be able to find the treasure alone? Or will he find someone to help him out? Read the story to find it out for yourself....

Lost Love
An evil witch has taken out the love from people's hearts and has hidden it in the dragon's room in the Nether fortress. Alex sets out for an adventure to seek that love potion. Do you think Alex will be successful in defeating the wild enormous dragon? Read the story and find out.

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ISBN: 9781951355630
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Publisher: Computer Game Books
Publication Date: August 15th, 2019
Pages: 134
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