Requiem of Silence (The Famine Cycle #3) (Paperback)

Requiem of Silence (The Famine Cycle #3) By J. D. L. Rosell Cover Image
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The Famine Cycle comes to its startling conclusion in Book 3, REQUIEM OF SILENCE.

Every world has its end. With Famine returned and freed of his restraints, Airene must find a way to stop the daemon god from devouring the world - no matter the cost...

The armies of the Avvad, the most powerful empire in the world, have arrived at the walls of Oedija. Despot Jaxas has rallied the city's meager defenses, but with the Manifest and Underguild still lashing in their death throes, the realm is barely holding strong.

Even facing the destruction of her home, Airene keeps watch for a different threat. Famine, the God of Hunger, has finally broken free of his cage and feasts upon the world. Unfettered, he will consume all life on its surface.

When an unexpected ally appears, Airene and her companions embark on a quest to find a way to stop the daemon god. Racing against time, seeking to stay ahead of both Avvad and Famine, they seek allies and weapons receded into myth.

But no war is won without great sacrifice - and if she is to succeed, Airene must sacrifice all she is...

The enthralling epic fantasy trilogy comes to an end in Requiem of Silence, Book 3 of The Famine Cycle. Complete the cycle today.

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ISBN: 9781952868238
ISBN-10: 1952868238
Publisher: Jdl Rosell
Publication Date: April 9th, 2022
Pages: 306
Language: English