Sybil Lamb Professional Of Art: 2022 High Quality Ediition (Paperback)

Sybil Lamb Professional Of Art: 2022 High Quality Ediition By Sybil Lamb (Illustrator), Sybil Lamb Cover Image
By Sybil Lamb (Illustrator), Sybil Lamb
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High Quality Edition

Sybil Lamb Professional of Art
2022 Edition

A collected sampling of Sybil Lamb art 1992-2022 presented cropped in to squares and in no particular order. Pin up girls, Secret Maps, Book art, Time Bombs, Lost Little Girls, Clutter Studies, Mad Science stuff, Comix, Diagrams, Funny animals, ULTRA Secret Plans.

Sybil the Lamb // Professional of Arts

Sybil Lamb has worked for over (3) decade as a self-styled underground documentarian of the rare and beautiful characters of underground and edge culture, the recording angel of a particular milieu.

Her detail obsessed scenes and hyper articulated portraits collect stories and characters from all around North America to document the lives and cultures of nomadic squatter Punks, the many facets of historied yet evolving extremes of trans culture and the modern artists and inventors underground.

Like a dream about what happened just before you fell asleep, Lamb is at once familiar yet somehow more, invoking the viewer on multiple levels with a recognizable yet "otherly" visual semantix. Her detail-obsessed narrative genre scenes told in a high resolution vision of high contrast over saturated color contrast her chaotic, elusive and gritty subject matter. Thusly Lamb uses her studio method to turn unlikely people and settings in to something in between cartoons, diagrams, and graphic design. Upon perusing any number of Lamb's deeply imaginistic images it becomes evident that there is a highly personalized coded richly woven tapestry mythos of girls demons punks robots spare parts and clues hidden in trash.

Copyright (c)1992-2022 Sybil e. Lamb
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ISBN: 9798846834071
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: August 16th, 2022
Pages: 210
Language: English