Breathe by Sarah Crossan; reviewed by Frances D.

Breathe by Sarah Crossan; reviewed by Frances D.

"This novel is about a post apocalyptic society wherein breathing is no longer a given. Each person is given a certain amount of oxygen per month, and if they go over that amount they must pay extra. Everyone lives in a dome where exercising is illegal, unless you're rich (Premium) and can afford the gym. A poor girl, Bea, is friends with a Premium, Quinn. He decides to take her out of the dome on a camping trip, and they run into a beautiful girl who's escaping the government, then Quinn decides to aid her. While with the girl, Alina, they discover that the government has been hiding the truth from everyone, in order to stay powerful and rich. The three of them, together with a movement called the Resistance, attempt to overthrow the government and restore the world to its former glory. I thought this book showed an interesting and new view on dystopias in general. I enjoyed this book a lot, it was impossible to put down." - Frances D.

If this book sounds good to you, you have to wait until October, but in the meantime you can read more about it here! This review is part of our Summer Reading Challenge.