DO THE WORK!: AN ANTIRACIST ACTIVITY BOOK: Fundraiser for MCPC & Abundant Beginnings with Authors W. Kamau Bell & Kate Schatz


March 24, 2023 - 7:00pm

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Join us on Friday, March 24, 2023 for a special author event with W. Kamau Bell and Kate Schatz discussing their new book DO THE WORK! This event is a fundraiser for Montclair Community Play Center and Abundant Beginnings.

This event will be in person at Montclair Presbyterian Church, 5701 Thornhill Dr., Oakland, CA 94611

Purchase your tickets from GGP at the following links:

$25 for entry to the author talk;

$50 for a signed book and entry to the author talk; and

$75 for entrance to a VIP reception, a signed book and entry to the author talk.

Schedule of Events

6-6:45 PM: VIP Reception with Co-Authors
7-8:30 PM: Author Talk & Q&A

Description of Do The Work!

Overwhelmed by racial injustice? Outraged by the news? Find yourself asking, “What can I doooooo?” DO THE WORK!

Revelatory and thought-provoking, this highly illustrated, highly informative interactive workbook gives readers a unique, hands-on understanding of systemic racism—and how we can dismantle it.
Packed with activities, games, illustrations, comics, and eye-opening conversation, Do the Work! challenges readers to think critically and act effectively. Try the “Separate but Not Equal” crossword puzzle. Play “Bootstrapping, the Game” to understand the myth of meritocracy. Test your knowledge of racist laws by playing “Jim Crow or Jim Faux?”

Have hard conversations with your people (scripts and talking points included). Be open to new ideas and diversify your “feed” with a scavenger hunt. Team up with an accountability partner and find hundreds of ideas, resources, and opportunities to DO THE WORK!

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About Montclair Community Play Center

Montclair Community Play Center is a Play-Based Parent's Co-Operative Preschool in Oakland, CA.

Each year since 1933, MCPC's beloved play-based school creates a community with up to 30 diverse families working together to facilitate our children's development in all areas. MCPC aims to create a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment for both parents and children in which children can learn to confidently resolve conflict, build self-esteem alongside compassion for others, and value diversity within the community. MCPC's programs are based on four key principles: 1) a developmental model of learning that emphasizes free-choice play and hands-on experiences 2) parental involvement that includes supportive resources for parents 3) a focus on age-appropriate conflict resolution that goes alongside our social justice oriented anti-bias curriculum and 4) celebrating differences and recognizing commonalities. All of MCPC's programs integrate diversity and inclusion as a primary pillar.

About Abundant Beginnings

Abundant Beginnings was created in 2011 to address a gap in youth services. Specifically identifying the overlapping needs for intersectional curriculum, outdoor or place-based learning, and access to nature for marginalized communities. Abundant Beginnings has led over the past decade with the radical intention to create safe and joyful spaces for our students who live at intersections of social systems of oppression. Abundant Beginnings's programming integrates best practices from research on environmental education, centering place-based learning and ancestral practices, radical inclusion, and social justice in the form of learning communities. Abundant Beginnings believe that children are best nurtured in a community rooted in land-based rhythms, rituals, and practice. Abundant Beginnings is a Queer, Black-led decolonial community organization that centers socially marginalized youth and their families. Its team of teacher-leaders create nature-based child and family programming that values ancestral practices, radical inclusion, freedom, and social justice. Abundant Beginnings’ unique approach is rooted in gender, racial, and economic justice, recognizing the intersections of each child’s identities and trusting in their leadership. Abundant Beginnings blends environmental-education, civic engagement, and leadership development through four key programs: Abundant Summer Camps, Forest Freedom School, Abundant Activism, and the Land Project.


5701 Thornhill Drive
Oakland, CA 94611
United States