Flash Point by Nancy Cress; reviewed by Frances D.

Flash Point by Nancy Cress; reviewed by Frances D.

"Flash Point is about the United States after a severe failure of our economy. Almost everyone one is broke, and people will do anything for money, even take a job from a sketchy television channel. Amy, a teenage girl, has no choice but to provide for her grandma and younger sister. Her grandma is too sick to do any kind of work and her sister can't be tied down long enough to keep a job. Desperate for money, Amy applies for a job at TLN, a big television network. By the end of her interview, she has no idea of what kind of job they're offering, only that it pays a lot of money. So, of course, when they offer her the job, she accepts. It only gets worse from there. Flash Point is a very interesting book that was nearly impossible to put down. It's full of surprising plot twists that really keep you turning the pages." - Frances D.

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