The Gap Year by Sarah Bird; reviewed by Sydney M.

The Gap Year by Sarah Bird; reviewed by Sydney M.

"The story of the disappearing relationship between Cam and
Aubrey is told from two sides: Cam, the overprotective mother and Aubrey, the
freedom seeking teenager. As Aubrey begins to change her style and persona she
grows close to Tyler, the school’s star football player. Aubrey’s changes in
social status and friends also distance her from her mother. She would just
like some space but feels Cam is overbearing and too protective. Cam sees these
changes in Aubrey as a turn for the worse and the more she pushes to rekindle
her relationship with her daughter the more Aubrey pulls away. Will Cam’s
pushing be enough to drive Aubrey away for good? Find out in Sarah Bird’s The
Gap Year.
" - Sydney M.

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