Ink by Amanda Sun; reviewed by Mimi S.

Ink by Amanda Sun; reviewed by Mimi S.

"Ink, by Amanda Sun, is a novel about a girl named Katie Green who moves to Japan to live with her aunt after the unexpected death of her mother.  Once there, she meets a mysterious Japanese boy who she soon realizes has godly capabilities with the maneuvering of ink.  This book has a plot very similar to those of many shoujo/shounen manga (Japanese comics geared toward young males and females), with the supernatural occurrences and the fact that it is, well, based in Japan.   It is pretty dark storyline, but with lots of romance mixed in between.  In my opinion, the overall book was okay.  I enjoyed the inclusion of Japanese culture and language, but sometimes the romance got a bit cheesy (however do keep in mind I am not a very romantic novel-minded person).  For those who liked Twilight but wished Bella sometimes did something other than be saved, this is the book for you.  Think Sarah Dessen gets thrown into theDivergent by Veronica Roth, and then is shipped to Japan and put in with mangas likeNaruto.  Voíla! Ink by Amanda Sun.  Beautiful artwork included inside the book." - Mimi S.

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