Just a Dog by Michael Gerard Bauer; reviewed by Sarah S.

Just a Dog by Michael Gerard Bauer; reviewed by Sarah S.

"Mr. Mosley is not just a dog to Corey Ingram.  In Just A Dog there are happy, sad , funny and weird stories about Mr. Mosley. It is a great book about stories of the Ingram family and of Mr. Mosley, their dog. I liked it because the story has an unexpected twist when Mr. Mosley was a puppy to when he was an old dog.  I enjoyed the story all the way through.  It had twists, turns and a good ending. For people who like dogs or animals it is something to look out for." - Sarah S.

If this book sounds good to you, read more here. Just a Dog will be available in December 2012. This review is part of our Summer Reading Challenge.