The Key and The Flame by Claire M. Caterer; reviewed by Frances D.

The Key and The Flame by Claire M. Caterer; reviewed by Frances D.

"In this book, an American girl, Holly, and her family move to England for a Summer. Right as she arrives at her new house, and old man appears and gives her a key. She accepts it, just to be polite, but later finds herself curious. Holly walks around in the woods and eventually finds a tree that calls to her, so she inserts the key into the bark and a whole new world appears. But, she is quickly interrupted by her new neighbor, Elliot, who demands to know what's going on. Soon, her little brother Ben also wants to be a part of the adventure, so they find themselves embarking on a journey. After going through a few trees, they end up in a world that's in trouble and needs their help. Along the way, they discover many new things about the worlds beyond their own. This was a very exciting story that I highly recommend to anyone who enjoys adventure novels." - Frances D.

If this book sounds good to you, read more here...but you have to wait until April of next year to read the whole book! This review is part of our Summer Reading Challenge.