Nerve by Jeanne Ross; reviewed by Hannie R.

Nerve by Jeanne Ryan; reviewed by Hannie R.

"Nerve. The game seems innocent enough, just a couple of kids doing dares on a TV show to win prizes. That's all an illusion. The makers of Nerve are willing to go to any lengths to get the humor, entertainment, and drama they need for the show to make money. They are evil and slightly insane, but will Vee realize it before it's too late? And if the Vee does realize it will she be able to stop what's planned, and convince the game's other players that Nerve is evil? Nerve is an creepy yet amazing book that shows just how much people are willing to do for money and prizes. I couldn't stop reading, Jeanne Ryan is a great writer and Nerve is a great book, I just HAD to see how it ended." - Hannie R.

This book is available in September, and you can find out more here in the meantime. This book is part of our Summer Reading Challenge.