Survive by Alex Morel; reviewed by Gabby R.

Survive by Alex Morel; reviewed by Gabby R.

"Survive by Alex Morel is about Jane, a teenage girl who has lived in a mental institution for a couple of years because of her attempted suicide that followed shortly after her fathers suicide on Christmas eve. She has earned enough "points" from her doctor to go home and visit her mother for christmas, but Jane doesn't plan to get off the plane alive. She creates a plan to die while on the plane, but her plan is stopped when the pilot loses control in a storm. The plane violently crashes in the middle of snowy, mountainous, and stormy wilderness. Her and the one other surviver, a 20 year old named Paul have to try to fight their way to survive.
Alex Morel describes an unrelatable situation in such a way that I found i could completely understand how Jane and Paul felt at each moment. It was a great story of emotional and physical development of both characters. I would recommend this amazing story to all teenagers who like adventure, and survival stories like Hatchet. I would give Survive a definite thumbs up." - Gabby R.

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